• Gillow, M., Haigh, S., Ishihara, Y., Ogawa, N., and Okada, K.: Water Jetting for Sheet Piling
  • Taenaka, S, White, D.J., and Randolph, M.F.: Stress Changes due to Shape Effects in the Construction Process of Pile Walls
  • Kunasegaram, V., Takemura, J., Ishihama, Y., and Ishihara, Y.: Stability of Self-Standing High Stiffness-Steel Pipe Sheet Pile Walls Embedded in Soft Rocks

The winners for the project papers were;

  • Arai, M., Sugio, S., Murayama, K., Kunitomi, H., and Kimura, Y.: Case Study of Underwater Press-in Method of Steel Sheet Piles under Restricted Headroom beneath a Railroad Bridge
  • Kasahara, K., Sanagawa,T., Nishioka,H., Sasaoka,R., and Nakata, Y.: Seismic Reinforcement for Foundation Utilizing Sheet Piles and Soil Improvement
  • Kitamura, M. and Kamimura, S.: Cantilevered Road Retaining Wall Constructed of 2,000 mm Diameter Steel Tubular Piles Installed by the Gyro Press Method with the GRB system